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Your quest for the perfect Dance Studio ends right here.

Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance and a variety of skill levels, to make sure there's an ideal option for you. Have a look at our class schedule below.

Dance Styles

Click the link below to view our 2024 Timetables for both our Toowoomba and Westbrook location

Hip Hop 


If you love high energy movements combined with a whole lot of sass then this class is for you! A fun commercial class where students learn the techniques and styles of a wide range of moves and learn how to really hits those accents in the music. 


Contemporary dance takes elements from several styles of dance including, ballet, jazz and lyrical to produce a beautifully expressive feel. Students will learn how to flow movements together with ease and experiment the different ways the body can move to create gorgeous lines and shapes. This class is where students can really express themselves through movement. 

Musical Theatre

If you love singing, acting and dancing all in one then this is for you. Musical Theatre combines elements of jazz to mixed with popular broadway songs to entertain any audience. This class will boost your students confidence in a fun and safe environment.



Mayhem Dance Academy are proud to offer the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. This syllabus focuses on students learning the correct technique for all skill work as well as having a large focus on improving the kids strength and flexibility to create clean strong acrobatics.



This is an artistic dance form that uses precise clean lines and formalised steps to produce a flowing dance piece. Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.


Students will improve their strength and flexibility in this class by working on developing a safe approach to all their technical steps as well as improving on their balance and coordination. This mixed with upbeat, dynamic music creates a high energy class for everyone. 



 Our Tap classes were a hit in 2023! We have classes from Junior levels to Seniors!

Kicks, leaps & turns


NEW TO 2024! Designed for students aged 12yrs + looking at strengthening their technique.

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